In The Ghetto

This is from a charity album from a couple of years ago (1969- Key To Change, for homeless charities, all the songs being covers of songs from 1969). Bernard Sumner’s short lived Bad Lieutenant project doing Elvis’ In The Ghetto. It’s pretty faithful to the original and a song that maybe doesn’t stand much mucking about with but there’s an element of karaoke about it. Bernard sings it well and I suppose that’s the main draw- In The Ghetto being sung in a soft Mancunian voice rather than a Southern US one, and there’s a good guitar break from about 2.50 onwards.

I saw Bad Lieutenant at The Ritz. They played the first half of the set from the Bad Lieutenant lp, Stephen Morris on drums, a pair of guitarists plus Bernard’s guitar and it was all so-so. The second half was far livelier- a bunch of well chosen New Order songs, a rarely performed early Electronic album track and the Chemical Brothers/Sumner smash Out Of Control, then Love Will Tear Us Apart. Just play the hits Bernard, just play the hits. I had a ciggie outside alongside Mani who was asked by a passing gent when the Freebass album was coming out. ‘Fuck knows’ he replied. Things have shifted a bit since then for our Mani. Freebass (Hooky, Mani and Andy Rourke with an unknown singer and an ‘amusing’ name) was never going to work was it?


The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 81

The Smiths were rockabilly fans, as evidenced in their quiffs if nothing else. Several Smiths songs benefit from the rockabilly sounds and rhythms too, and Johnny Marr’s desire to get that Sun Records vibe down on tape. Here is a seven minute version of Rusholme Ruffians, eventually trimmed and re-recorded for 1985’s Meat Is Murder album, with Andy Rourke’s rocking bassline well to the fore. Always loved this song, Morrissey’s tale of violence and love at the fair very English up against Marr, Joyce and Rourke’s rockabilly shuffle. Live they segued Elvis’ Marie’s The Name (Of His Latest Flame) into it (on the live album Rank).

Rusholme Ruffians (demo version)