Back home, back to work, back to the blogging…

I’m a bit pushed for time having driven from the Kent coast to Manchester yesterday so you’ll have to wait until later in the week for any tales of adventures in the garden of England.

This is a picture of Darrow Fletcher. Before leaving for Kent I chucked a few homemade compilation cds into the car, one of which had a long run of northern soul songs on it (acquired from the usual suspects). This song really sounded good. Darrow was a child prodigy who had a massive run of singles in the late 60s through to the late 70s. The Pain Just Gets A Little Deeper was released in 1966 and was apparently a favourite at The Twisted Wheel. Listen to this and it’s easy to see why.

The Pain Just Gets A Little Deeper

Darrow Fletcher is not the Manchester United and Scotland midfielder Darren Fletcher. But for us United fans as this season has gone on the pain has gotten a little deeper. Rumours abound that David Moyes may lose his job today. I think it’s the right thing if he does- it’s not really worked out has it?


Voodoo Mademoiselle

I heard this song the other day, at work of all places, and I know nothing about it other than that it is a Northern Soul floor shaker by the very coolly named September Jones, a singer from Detroit.

There is another, more recent September Jones from the film Death Race 2, a former Miss Universe who lost her crown. But this is not her.

Voodoo Mademoiselle

Since drafting this post I realised that the much viewed Youtube Northern Soul dancer Levanna, from Bristol, has shown off her footwork to this tune and that there are plans to release it as a 7″ single. Which has probably sold out already. Levanna went internet viral while dancing to Pharrell’s Happy and a bunch of Northern songs.


The Torch

This documentary was on BBC2 the other night, a very good look at the Northern Soul scene, plenty of people young and old flying the flag and, yes, keeping the faith.