Kino 3000

This is my 3000th post. I noticed the other day I was bearing down on this number. I should probably get out more and do things away from the computer but this blogging lark is a bit compulsive I have found.

We’re in Sheffield today, there last night as well actually, for a friend’s birthday- food, drinking and dancing was the promise. I like Sheffield and always feel like if I had to live somewhere else Sheffield would be near the top of the list- its got a good feel, defiantly northern, lots going on, some nice parts centrally and in the suburbs and the Peaks on the doorstep. A bucketful of musical history too, which Cabaret Voltaire are a fundamental part of. Formed in 1973 (1973!), pioneers of industrial, experimental and post-punk they shifted into synth based and dance influenced stuff in the 80s. Some of it hasn’t dated that well, especially compared to some of their contemporaries, but they were always innovative and interesting. Cabaret man Stephen Mallinder has recently done a cover of Trans Europe Express with Steve Cobby which was posted at Acid Ted. This song, Kino from 1985, is a favourite and could still rock a dancefloor.

Kino (12″ mix)


Friday’s Factory treat today is from across the Pennines due East, from deepest Sheffield in 1982, by Cabaret Voltaire. A vocal sample asks ‘There’s 70 billion people on Earth. Where are they hiding?’ over some early 80s industrial electro. The 12″ single came with a John Robie remix which turned it further in the direction of the dancefloor but I’ve posted that before and the original is still worth your time. There’s a staff social on tonight at a bar in town. I’d be highly surprised if Cabaret Voltaire get played.


There’s 70 Billion People On Earth; Where Are They Hiding?

We’re in Sheffield this weekend; steel city, sex city, seven hills, Wednesday and United, industrial and electronic music capital of South Yorkshire. To celebrate Sheffield’s rich musical history here’s some Cabaret Voltaire from 1982, released on Factory from other side of the Pennines.


Cabaret Voltaire ‘Yashar’ (John Robie Mix 1)

Cabaret Voltaire were a pair of serious, doomy, Sheffield men who made serious, industrial, doomy, scary, sinister, electronic, bass heavy music in the late 70s and early 80s, and then forged early house/electronica. Records like Sensoria and Nag Nag Nag have regularly been held up as influential. On last year’s BBC4 Synth Britannia programme they came across as likeable, down-to-earth blokes who liked a pint and a bit of Ballard. In 1982 they released this on Factory- Yashar (Fac 82 Fac fans). It’s a spooky record with a Cold War-ish vocal sample (‘There’s 70 billion people out there, where are they hiding?’), mixed in with Eastern drones and early drum machines. On the B-side of the 12″ John Robie remixed it, doubling the length, and adding synths and that early 80s Fact-ness, to send it in the direction of the dancefloor. Although most dancefloors in most clubs at the time would clear pretty quickly once it got going I would imagine. Brilliant record, and although I could be corrected on this, an early example of the art of the remix.

02 Yashar (John Robie Mix 1).mp3