Second Prize

Before Christmas I entered an online competition at Slighter’s page, clicking and commenting and being put into the draw. I’ve posted two Slighter tracks before, including the beautiful but apocalyptic Our Own End (one of my favourites of last year). A week or two later I got an email from Slighter’s team to say I’d won second prize. Woo hoo! My package turned up, all the way from Los Angeles, a few days ago- a signed and numbered copy of his 2009 album The Perfectly Damaged, two badges and a memory stick containing a ton of music (which I haven’t even started to explore yet). The album is great, full of top quality electronica like this one, the album opener…

How’d I Become So Jaded?

Slighter (Colin C) has a new ep out now- you can listen here at Soundcloud– diving headlong into drum and bass. Out today.


Last Pulse

Another Hallowe’en related post, for all my saying I’m not a fan. This is an eerie slice of breakbeat led, 80s horror film indebted electronica and very good it is too, from Slighter whose apocalyptic romance Our Own End I posted a while back. Available for free from Bandcamp. Well worth the email address exchange involved.

Our Own End

Sorry to spoil your day with a picture like this but…
…this is what a fuckwit looks like.

If lots of people sit an exam, and are aware in advance what the criteria are for success in that exam, and then many meet those criteria, then those people must all be successful in that exam. They have reached the standard asked of them. The exact numbers do not really matter, % this for A, % that for C. Success is measured by reaching the criteria set in advance, not by how many people fail. Which is why this man fails to understand education. His rationale is that there must be exam winners but more importantly there must be exam losers. So education must be divisive and elitist, not about teaching people to learn and improve. There are other aspects of Gove’s fuckwittery I could go into but let’s move on.

Acid Ted brought a song called Our Own End to our attention back in March. Its a breakbeat-fuelled thing of beauty, with apocalyptic overtones and the voice of a girl. A kind of beautiful apocalypse. I love it. The artist, Slighter, has released the song as part of a download package with various mixes (you can listen to a remix by Reef Project here). You should then go and buy the whole package here. This is the March version.

Our Own End

Apologies to Slighter for linking his song to Michael Gove.