What Do You Consider Fun?

I was waiting my turn in the barber’s, sweltering in the summer heat and after a day at work, and there was a playlist from Spotify on (it’s usually XFM in there, wall to wall Oasis and Arctic Monkeys). Out of nowhere the keyboard part and funky guitar riff from Genius Of Love came into earshot and for the next five minutes I was grooving slightly in my seat to the sounds of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz back in 1981. 1981! I can’t think of many songs from 1981 that still sound as fresh as this does and as full of life. One of the most sampled songs ever and a genuine hit. Tina’s bassline alone guarantees it a special place. According to Frantz when David Byrne heard it he changed his mind about splitting Talking Heads up- he was a little envious I should imagine.

Genius Of Love