Public Library

I noticed that The Swede posted this yesterday at his place but my post was half written so I thought I’d go ahead and publish anyway- that’s the crazy, reckless kind of man I am.

Mick Jones has a new album out called Ex Libris, a six song record of instrumentals that are all really good, mood pieces- piano and drum machine, a bit of dub bass, a bit golden age of British film soundtracky, a bit 1950s lounge. There’s some squealing feedback on the last song, Bad Mood, that’s a welcome addition. Shame there’s no vocals on any of them but very enjoyable. It can be bought on limited edition vinyl here, a bit pricey at £30 but it looks like a nicely put together package. I suppose you’re paying for the fact that only nine hundred and ninety nine other people will have a copy. I’m dithering yes (but it is my birthday soon).

The record is out to coincide with Mick’s Rock and Roll Public Library being exhibited in Venice- his collection of pop culture artefacts from the last fifty years along with stuff from his days in The Clash and B.A.D. I keep hoping he’ll bring it up north one day.

As a bonus here’s a clip I found a while ago- Mick in his Carbon/Silicon days in the mid-00s, playing The Clash song Hitsville UK with daughter Lauren on vocals. Lauren definitely has a certain appeal.