Happy New Year And Lend A Hand

Happy New Year. My head hurts. Bagging Area is One today.

More importantly you need to go over to Acid Ted. The mysterious Error: Operator has given Acid Ted an exclusive mix. Error: Operator made one of 2010’s most interesting albums, low key electronics and vocal samples, including Arthur Miller, and Eisenhower talking about D Day.

You can have the exclusive mix by donating to Acid Ted’s chosen charity, The Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust. Ctel lost his son three years ago to a brain tumour, and wrote a poignant and honest account about the illness and it’s effect on his son and him and his partner. Speaking as someone who has spent huge chunks of the last twelve years on childrens’ intensive care wards, cancer wards and in childrens’ hospitals I know how important fundraising is, so get over to Acid Ted, cough up a couple of quid, download the mix, and have a good New Years’ Day.

This is Error: Operator’s Follow, remixed by Wing Commander.

Follow (Wing Commander Remix).mp3