Watch Out For The Black Acid Man

As Death In Vegas fizzled out (and they had a fair few moments- bits of the big beat first album Dead Elvis, guest vocalist heavy The Contino Sessions, the Bollywood/electro-clash, Liam G and Paul Weller Scorpio Rising, some of the krauty one I can’t remember the name of) Richard Fearless relocated to New York and resurfaced in 2008 with a new band- Black Acid. ‘The dark soulful psychedelic rock of Death In Vegas with a new twist’ according to the press guy. This song F.U.R. was the A-side of a single, and takes the scuzzy synth-punk of Suicide as it’s starting point, and it isn’t half bad, if you like that kind of thing. On the B-side, Glitter In The Gutter, it’s distorted slo-mo garage rock. It’s the only thing by them I’ve either got or heard, but the rock is winning over the dance in Black Acid.