The New Dawn Will Come

Some new music for Sunday, downtempo, blissed out and chasing the Balearic beat. Joe Morris is a Leeds based DJ and producer who has created two new tracks quickly during the lockdown and they are a perfect sounding pair, bass and drums padding away and some lovely optimistic piano.

Dan Wainwright is on a creative roll, producing one new thing after another. Peace Of Mind is a slowed down, cosmic, synth voyage, like sunshine coming through the trees, a feeling of contentment and the knowledge that whatever comes tomorrow can be dealt with.

Get High is more direct and built for dancing, wonky, off kilter new beat.

How To Have A Bath

As our lives are restricted the simple pleasures become more important and everyday task that previously were automatic and functional become more significant and central to our lives, the part of our days we can look forward to and get excited about. Cooking a meal suddenly takes on a new centrality twice a day. People have been praising the benefits of slow living for some time- slow food, slow TV and so on- and now it’s enforced we can all see the benefits.

Dan Wainwright’s How To Have A Bath (Parts 1- 4) is a bit of downtempo, Balearic fun. I shouldn’t think he intended it to coincide with life in lockdown Britain when he wrote it but it seems to fit with the new pace of our lives. Dan’s put quite a few tracks and e.p.s out in the last few weeks and much of it is available at ‘name your own price’ at his Bandcamp page at Oddball records.

The Effect

Something altogether darker and less earthbound today, a remix from a forthcoming Dan Wainwright e.p.  by John Paynter (who runs a night/site called A Space Age Freak Out). Percussive, chugging science fiction with a springy bass, theremin action and noises zooming in and out, sounds beamed in from space and bouncing around from the red planet to the Sea of Tranquillity, from Convair Aeronautics to mission control.


You Don’t Really Need Me

This is from a new e.p. by Dan Wainwright, a resident of these parts apparently, a slice of cosmic, Eastern tinged, progressive chug which at some point in the fourth minute when the soft multi-tracked vocal comes in reveals itself to be a cover of The Supremes classic Keep Me Hangin’ On.

The e.p. then takes a turn into darker territory with a Hardway Bros remix, a moody, low slung groover, the appropriately titled Swamp Dub, which sounds just like a sweaty basement after hours. In a good way.

There’s a third track too, The Endless Process Of Release, starting out with synths and coo’d breathy backing vox, some lovely sequenced bass and then a mid-tempo beat gently pushing things forward, various percussive sounds reverberating round the mix, more roof terrace in the sun than cellar rave, until it all starts to build for the last few minutes, twinkling arpeggios and rushing bleeps.