Weatherall Mix Im Berlin

I’ve been listening to this tonight, Andrew Weatherall on a Berlin radio show (Farb Fernseher) courtesy of Dazed Digital, and its got several things going for it- Weatherall ‘s storytelling is up to its usual standard (as per), the quality of records he plays is first rate (also as per but maybe moreso), and the sometimes awkward silences coupled with the interview technique of Sarah Miles and Anastasia Filipovna. Also revealed are the twin pieces of news that a) his second solo album is almost complete and needs to be out by the time he tours Japan in September and b) he’s remixing Madness. Recommended listening for your jubilee weekend.

Part of the way in he plays Fad Gadget’s electronic post-punk debut single Back To Nature which I put up at Bagging Area way back when hardly anyone was reading. It’s a truly great record and I’m not sure Fad Gadget ever equalled it.

Back To Nature

Fad Gadget ‘Back To Nature’

This was the first single by Fad Gadget (Frank Tovey), released by Mute in 1979. It’s an amazing record- synths, found sounds, drum machines, vocals. The lyrics are disturbing; ”Back to nature- bodies burning in the sun, Back to nature-just like lemmings everyone”, but Fad and his lover will be alright ”under the geodesic dome”, ”sitting in the shade of the rubber tree, I’ll kiss you and you kiss me”. Wait for that final stretched out ”and you’ll …..kiss me” towards the end. Tension and release. I’ve no idea really what it’s about. It always makes me think of a post-apocalypse love-song (happy happy joy joy), but that could just be me. Whatever it’s about it’s utterly great- groundbreaking, synth-laden, doomy pop.

01 Back To Nature.wma