Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ‘Satan Said Dance’

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- pioneers of the long and stupid band name- released their debut album in 2005, which had equally long and stupid song titles like By The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth and Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood. It was a good album, that reached it’s initial audience through the internet and being self-financed and self-released, and also showed the early influence of sites like (worthy and indier-than-thou ) Pitchfork, with an off-kilter, dance edged sound. It also seemed to take in the New York post-punk, Talking Heads thing too, especially singer Alec Ounsworth’s David Byrne-esque vocals. Their second album Some Loud Thunder followed in 2007, with even worse cover artwork than the first (which took some doing), had no silly long song titles, and to these ears, was generally not as good. Apart from this song, the mighty Satan Said Dance, a modern take on post-punk-funk that understands the power of the bassline, strange and chaotic noises and a simple but brilliant chorus. And you could definitely dance to it.

05 Satan Said Dance.wma