Techno Saturday Night

Drew was waxing lyrical about the pleasures of Daniel Avery’s Drone Logic album yesterday¬†and then I found this, a very recent two hour shift he put in at NTS Radio. Two hours of what I hear you ask? Techno. Mainly wonderful, glorious ¬†techno.


Sunday Evening Slowdown

This live set from Daniel Avery has just come online, recorded on a Sunday evening at London’s Brilliant Corners. This isn’t the taut and intense techno he’s known for but an hour and a half of slowness, shoegaze and ambient- Fuxa, Michael Rother, My Bloody Valentine, early New Order and Autechre included.

Mechanical Sky

I’m a big fan of Daniel Avery. His music is proper techno, minimal and purist machine music with human feeling, pristine production, superbly well constructed, full of tension and release. If you missed his Drone Logic album from 2013 you should go and investigate forthwith. This is a new one from a DJ Kicks mix compilation.


Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve’s album The Soft Bounce has been getting regular listens round here, loads of good stuff on it. The title track has been remixed by Daniel Avery and it sounds like this…

Insistent techno drums and percussion with some droney keys and pulses. Uplifting and gently euphoric.

I Don’t Remember One Solitary Thing

Techno wunderkid Daniel Avery put out an e.p. in 2012 that had this grimy song as its closing track- techno in tone maybe but post-punk in sound, a grinding bassline dredged up from Joy Division or Killing Joke’s subconscious and a female voice intoning a single line about memory loss.

The Eagle

New Energy

I’m caught in an electronics groove right now and this is blindingly good. Recent postee Daniel Avery remixed by Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve team of Norris and Alkan. After a slow, hazy intro everything suddenly snaps into sharp focus- like a beam of white light trained right between the eyes… and then it all becomes very t-r-i-p-p-y indeed. There’s some old school electro in here to, to keep you moving.


Daniel Avery’s acidic mixture of noise and rhythm has been floating my musical boat since the turn of the year. It’s intense and precise stuff but aimed at the feet just as much as the head. In November he put out a single called Sensation.

Resident Advisor recently archived a lot of their dj mixes including this one Avery did for them which builds and drops and peaks and troughs in all the right places.This would be suitable for a long drive in the dark through the middle of nowhere.