River Theme

That’s the Mersey, wending its way from Stockport, through Sale (where the picture was taken) and out through Cheshire to Liverpool. Mersey Paradise as four mop-tops once said.

There’s an excellent 7″ release- sold out/repressed/sold out/repressed and currently available again here– by the Dubwood Allstars called Under Dubwood, a Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas in dub King Tubby excursion.

The B-side is River Theme, a grizzly, funky garage-psyche groove from The Time And Space Machine.

River Theme


I Want It

DJ Harvey looks a bit like that bloke in your local pub who got on one in 1989 and never really got off. Five years ago he put out an album as Locussolus which came with a bunch of remixes- Weatherall, Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, Emperor Machine and this one from Richard Norris’ Time And Space Machine, a summer in the Balearic Isles house thumper with a gruff vocal.

Couldn’t Do

Down in the basement, James Dean spends his Monday morning pondering his next vinyl selection.

The new Time And Space Machine remix compilation, The Way Out Sound From In, is rapidly taking over my stereo. Eight high quality Richard Norris remixes including Warpaint, Jagwar Ma and Temples that hang together really well as an album and take in a variety of sounds, from acid rock to Balearica to spaced out danciness. This is slow burning remix of New York’s Cheval Sombre. Listen, enjoy and then go out and get the album.

Couldn’t Do (The Time and Space Machine Remix)

Mountain Of One

Wake up, Sunday morning, the sun should be out over most of the UK, and reach for a lovely, blissed out piece of terrace bar Balearica from Richard Norris’s Time And Space Machine (remixing A Mountain Of One). Burbling electronics, bongos, some voices and snatches of Spanish guitar. Top hole.

There’s a compilation of Time And Space Machine remixes due in August, including Mr Norris’s versions of Warpaint, Tame Impala, Jagwar Ma and Temples amongst others which could well be worth some of your hard earned cash.


Some blogs do  an April Fools post with something outrageous (see The Vinyl Villain’s attempt to persuade us all last year that Paul Young’s No Parlez was a much overlooked lp) or a little joke (one blog once claimed to have posted a rare Joy Division song found at a car boot sale but the download turned out to be Kylie’s I Should Be So Lucky). No such going ons here. I couldn’t think of anything funny.

This new Richard Norris remix of Warpaint’s Disco//Very is somewhat trippy and phased and very nice indeed. Fittingly it has both time and space in abundance. I hope it’s coming out on vinyl.


There’s something mesmerising about concrete brutalism. I’ve long been a fan of these post-war monuments to modernism and have occasionally trekked to stand beneath some, such as Trellick Tower in West London and Preston Bus Station (best viewed from a distance, up close it’s a dirty and somewhat unloved car park/bus station). I watched Johnathan Meades on BBC 4 last night. He operates on a different level- at times it’s best just to switch off and let his commentary wash over you while enjoying the visuals.

Richard Norris (in his Time And Space Machine guise) has remixed Temples. Temples are four young men from Kettering making psychedelic rock circa 1966-7 and have been tipped by Johnny Marr, Bobby Gillespie and Noel Gallagher (could be offputting to some I suppose). I saw them briefly supporting Primal Scream last December and the song and a half I saw were alright. Richard Norris loops them about the place, reverb heavy vocals, phased guitars and backwards guitars, psychedelia firmly intact. NME were offering a free download but I think the capacity got reached by a mad rush of 60s psychedelia fans.

Edit: free download is back.

Magic Hour

Richard Norris (ex-The Grid) has a new Time And Space Machine 12″ out shortly, four songs plus the Cornershop remix posted above. All manner of groovy, psychedelic spaced out sounds abound and at a fiver value for money too. The last time I posted a Time And Space machine track Mr Norris left a comment telling me off. So no download, listen only.