Night Dubbin

I missed this at the end of last year and have become somewhat addicted to it over the last few days. Nightmares On Wax have released 8 albums and various singles since 1989 (mostly on Warp). In A Space Outta Sound from 2006 was the last one I got, an album of laid back, downtempo reggae inspired grooves but somehow still seeming to be in a straight line from the bleep ‘n’ bass releases in 1989. There’s a new one called Shape The Future out now. Back in December this came out as part of a remix 12″ of the track Citizen Kane. The original is gospel-hip hop-soul. For this 10 minute excursion Ron Trent sets the vocal (by Mozez) to a skippy, propulsive Chicago house beat and allows the groove to whisk us away to a future where the machines have made gospel their own.

Flipping Heck

Bleepy, dubby, low-key, electronica from Nightmares On Wax (Warp Records, 2006’s In A Space Outta Sound). Nightmares On Wax is Leeds DJ and producer George Evelyn, who as well as making top records has a good line in hats.

03 Flip Ya Lid.wma