A while back this caused a brief spike in internet traffic and Twitter buzz- Dolly Parton’s Jolene slowed down from 45rpm to 33. It is really rather good.

Mediafire continues to cause problems- they don’t send a message or anything, just slap a big letter C for Copyright Protected on the file at my end so it can’t be downloaded. The Prisonaires last Friday and Wendy and Lisa got hit straight away but the Orb didn’t. I don’t know how they do it or what qualifies. I’m hoping this one might get through but can’t guarantee it- Irma Thomas’s Breakaway at 33, all bluesy and gravelly.

Breakaway (33rpm)


Condo 33

It’s amazing what a bit of internet research pissing about on the net can bring you- Peter Gordon was the founder of Love Of Life Orchestra, New York avant garde ensemble, with ties to Steve Reich and Laurie Anderson and Arthur Russell, heavily influencing DFA and all those kinds of people. The song above is Condo- but slowed down from 45rpm to 33rpm- and is utterly wonderful.

Funnel Of Slow

A good while ago DJ Diddy Wah who runs the excellent vintage sounds of the Diddy Wah blog had a short run of posts where he slowed down 45rpm singles to 33 rpm. This one came up on the way home today and it has to be heard to be believed- Wanda Jackson’s classic Funnel Of Love at 33rpm, slowed down to crawl and sung by a blues wracked man. You’ll love it.

Funnel Of Love 33

Thanks to DJ Diddy Wah- hope he doesn’t mind me re-presenting it here.