I Want It

DJ Harvey looks a bit like that bloke in your local pub who got on one in 1989 and never really got off. Five years ago he put out an album as Locussolus which came with a bunch of remixes- Weatherall, Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, Emperor Machine and this one from Richard Norris’ Time And Space Machine, a summer in the Balearic Isles house thumper with a gruff vocal.


Disco Monday

Work seems to be, well, hard work at the moment. Mustn’t complain I suppose, there’s plenty of people out of work but still…

Here’s something uplifting for the start of the week- DJ Harvey’s Locus Solus album was one of my favourites from last year, a grower that included a great Andrew Weatherall dub remix. It also came with this remix by Lindstrom and Prins Thomas, where they turn the knob marked Balearic down and push the Disco button all the way to the top for nine minutes plus.

I Want It (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix)

>Gunship Diplomacy


It was somewhat traumatic last night, watching United run around unable to get the ball, nevermind then be able to do anything with it. Humbling. Hats off to Barcelona though, and I suppose no shame in losing to them.

DJ Harvey has been making and djing ambient/Balaeric/eclectic music for the last two decades and has an album out next month, DJ Harvey Presents Locussolus. This track, Gunship, is seven minutes of low-key, uptempo, electronic music with some very nice squelchy noises. The album comes complete with a Weatherall remix, two words which raise the excitement levels in the Bagging Area bunker.