Bon Chic Bon Genre

Campag Velocet were a 90s dance rock band, much pushed by the music press. Lead singer Pete Voss, sporter of a luxurious long bowl cut, wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and the NME particularly gave them a bit too much time, space and front covers given their actual record sales and output. There was quite a lot going on though- they tried to marry a bunch of cycling references (starting with their name) with some punning song titles (To Lose La Trek) and some Clockwork Orange droog stuff shoved in as well while sounding mainly like a London Happy Mondays (a position already largely taken by Flowered Up). They weren’t up to the hype really but some of the songs remain OK and they had a certain laddish appeal live although they did try to go a little deeper than mere beery, lout-rock. Like several other late 90s music press hypes they ended up without a record deal fairly quickly (say to Hi to Terris and Gay Dad if you see them). Sometimes the British record buying/music press reading public just don’t go for it.

Bon Chic Bon Genre