I Went Down To The Local Hole

A belter of a garage-glam rock stomp from The Flaming Stars, from it’s ‘one-two, ah-one-two-three-four intro shout onwards, concerning some poor sod from the wrong part of town in the wrong pair of shoes who bumps into some heavy chaps with their thumbs in their belt loops doing the greaser’s dance and are annoyed about spilled drinks. Turns messy.

Spilled Your Pint


The Flaming Stars ‘Like Trash’

I’ve just got back from a wonderful pre-40th birthday weekend away in Edinburgh- what a fantastic and beautiful city. Many thanks to those readers who gave us some tips on where to go. We particularly enjoyed a few pints in The Bow Bar on Saturday afternoon and visited Mathers on Broughton Street a couple of times and several other bars and restaurants down there besides. In one of the record shops, Avalanche on Cockburn Street I think, I found a 7″ copy of this Flaming Stars single, amongst other vinyl goodies. London’s The Flaming Stars have been producing quality literate garage rock since 1997. And in a link to the upcoming election, like trash is how most of us are going to be treated if the Tories get in on Thursday. Use your X to stop them.

Like Trash.mp3

Huck Whitney ‘Fresh Cream’

Lovely piece of acoustic instrumentalism here, nylon guitar strings, great melody. Huck is guitarist with London garage band The Flaming Stars (tons of lps, check out Named And Shaned, Born Under A Bad Neon Sign or compilation Ginmill Perfume, all at e-music and elsewhere). Actually they’re much more than a garage band. Huck (far left on photo) wrote a theme tune for Quantum Of Solace which was never used. More fool them.

Huck Whitney_02_Fresh Cream.mp3