New Kind

I’ve been enjoying the photography of William Eggleston, the American artist who pioneered the use of colour in the late 60s at a time when black and white was very much the thing for serious photography (and a man whose work adorns the sleeves of albums by Primal Scream and Big Star). Eggleston’s colours are vivid, saturated and inky but with a home movie feel. He captures the USA in the second half of the 20th century away from the bright lights at the edge of town- cars, parking lots, shops, petrol stations, weeds growing through the cracks in the pavement, often at an angle that makes the picture look grabbed in an instant or stolen when someone’s head was turned away. The fade of the colours, the shadows, low angle of the shot and the perspective in the one above are perfect.

Gabe Gurnsey of Factory Floor had a solo album last year called Physical that sounded great, an escape from the more industrial rhythms and sounds of his band into something warmer and more direct- 808s, cowbell, swampy basslines, sirens, drawled vocals lines, a sort of unfussy, modern, slinky and filthy dance record. One of the tracks, New Kind, has been extended and remixed for a 12″ release. The Extended Dub is a bass-led groove, ideal for getting down to tonight at the end of the working week, a bank holiday in front of you, and the promise of some fun.


Harder Rhythm

I got back from my trip to Rome and Sorrento on Tuesday and then spent today in Blackpool (which takes in both ends of the coastal scale). Italy is amazing. I’ll come back to things in more detail over the next few days but in short Rome was stunning and full on and the Bay of Naples and Sorrento are beautiful with jaw-dropping views and a way of life very different from the UK. Pompeii and Herculaneum, and the Colosseum and Forum in Rome, took my breath away. And it was hot, by Zeus, it was hot. At Herculaneum it was as hot as I’ve ever been. We packed a huge amount into 5 day and nights, a bit of a mad dash to some places that without an itinerary and 42 teenagers in tow you might do at a more leisurely pace, but it was a great way to see some incredible places. Sorrento is the kind of place I could return to and many people told us that Amalfi, just down the coast, is a must.

This is the latest from Gabe Gurnsey’s upcoming solo album, a thumping, vibrant, track called Harder Rhythm that according to Gabe is inspired by ‘the twin primal instincts of sexual attractions and our instilled affinity with rhythm’.

I’ll Find The Easy Way Around

This new method record labels have adopted of suddenly releasing singles and albums has its benefits but it makes planning monthly record spending very difficult. You think you’re sorted and have budgeted for what you want and then without warning Phantasy send you an email saying they’ve just put out a Gabe Gurnsey 12″, following up last month’s superb Ultra Clear Sound. The new track, Eyes Over, is another summer monster, sweaty night club vibes, warm synth sounds and what the press release calls ‘proto-Hacienda grooves’. The vocal is an insistent little earworm too. This is the radio edit….

And the flipside of the 12″ single has an extended dub mix, separating the different elements out with some very mid-to-late 80s Chicago sounds going on, drawn out over seven increasingly intense bass-led minutes, the temperature rising as it unfolds.

Ultra Clear Sound

Gabe Gurnsey, one half of modular synth duo Factory Floor, has been working on solo stuff. This track, Ultra Clear Sound, is the first fruit of it, a sweaty, intense and futurist vision, co-produced and mixed by Erol Alkan (who seems to be signing and working with some of the best electronic talents out there at the moment). Gabe’s album Physical is out on Phantasy in August and if this song is anything to go by it could well be a dark summer pleasure. Conclusion- I’m well into this.

Drone Logic

This is a twenty minute preview megamix of Daniel Avery’s album Drone Logic, out at the start of this week. If you like dark, bass heavy, weird noise-led, synth-string, underground electronic music, this should be right up your alley.

Drone Logic (Factory Floor/Gabe Gurnsey Remix)

On The Factory Floor

This is that Factory Floor remix of Tim Burgess’ White I mentioned a couple of weeks ago- Gabe Gurnsey strips all of the country-soul out of it and re-positions the song firmly on the dancefloor, a dancefloor in the Hacienda circa 1983 at some kind of Latin/post-punk/funk night. Gets away with it too.

White (Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey Remix)