Whittier Boulevard

With a name like Thee Midnighters (or Thee Midniters) you just know that this is going to be hopped up mid-60s garage rock. And it is, but also hopped up mid-60s Chicano garage rock. A tribute to East Los Angeles Whittier Blouevard. We don’t have many boulevards round here.

Jump, Jive, Harmonise

This is East LA’s 60s Chicano garage/soul revue band Thee Midniters (or Thee Midnighters) with a filty blast of stuff, vocalist Little Willie G urging the listener to jump, jive and harmonise. They had some big regional hits with Land Of A Thousand Dances, Love Special Delivery and Whittier Boulevard and various members coming and going, one leaving to go to Los Lobos, and they still play today. Thee Midniters are also reckoned by some to be the first to use the double E in The, but I suspect that could be contested…

Thee Midnighters_02_Jump, Jive, And Harmonize.mp3