The Orb’s 1997 single Toxygene is a blast of uptempo brilliance, almost a pop song, and their biggest hit (number 4). It began life as a remix of a Jean Michel Jarre track, Oxygene-8. Jarre didn’t like it and dumped it. Further pissing Jarre off, The Orb released it themselves as a single, adding insult to injury by claiming that ‘the French are always 5 years behind anyway’.

This version starts with ambient noise, voices and found sounds before passing traffic and the sample ‘now wait a minute’ bring it to life.


Across 2 cd singles and a 12″ there were a myriad of remixes, including ones from Thomas Fehlmann, Steve Hillage, Fila Brazillia, Way Out West and Kris Needs. This is the longer of the two Kris Needs versions. Unapologetic, pumping techno- it may not get replayed too many times.

Toxygene (Kris Needs Up For A Fortnight Remix)

The Top Of The Pops appearance is a another occasion where, like the famous Blue Room 3D chess game, The Orb took a different approach, this time spinning around on the waltzers in silver spacesuits while fiddling with keyboards and computers…