Weatherall Post Shocker

The shocker being that we’re seventeen days-that’s nearly three weeks for crying out loud- into 2014 and I haven’t posted anything by Andrew Weatherall. I shall rectify that glaring error by pointing you in the direction of this remix for Sam Roberts Band. I know little about Sam Roberts or his band other than that they are five twenty-something year old men from Montreal clad in denim and semi-bearded. Weatherall takes what ever it is they normally do (alt-rock I’m guessing- I suppose I should check) and sets them free in a robotic slow-mo disco, with a dash of New Order, some lovely long keening sounds and beautiful synth arpeggios. I will be requiring this on 12″ vinyl please Paper Bag Records. You can listen to it at Thump, who have it on Soundcloud, but I can’t find it on Soundcloud itself and so can’t embed it (or rip it either for that matter). Which irritates me slightly. But listening to it again will take that irritation away.

Edit- thanks Gary Jack