Meanwhile, In Timperley Village…

Our local free newspaper The Sale and Altrincham Messenger reported this week that Frank Sidebottom’s statue could be unveiled in Timperley village on April 1st next year. The funds for the statue have been raised by public subscription to the tune of £20, 000. The SAM’s letters page is one of the highlights of my week- thanks to people who helped when someone fell over in the precinct, complaints about broken paving stones, complaints about dog shit, complaints about council tax, recent discussions about how to pronounce Sale scientist JP Joule’s name (Joo-el or Jow-el),  various defences of the 11 plus exam; these are all regular features. I’m looking forward to next week’s letters page where someone will inevitably complain about Frank’s proposed statue.

Frank was a big fan of Altrincham FC, the giant killing non-league team. I’ve seen them a few times, though not while killing any giants. This is one of Frank’s recorded tributes to The Robbins.

The Robbins Aren’t Bobbins

Apologies to readers in the US or other foreign parts, to whom much of this will mean nothing.