Friday Night Is Feeling Grateful And A Little Emotional

I’m interrupting the Friday night rockabilly this week- I’m very grateful to those people who have donated to the Manchester 100 Mile cycle ride fund. I’m a little taken aback really. I’ve never met any of you in real life, Drew excepted, and that some of you have been so generous is really touching. And it makes me think that, in a way, real life and internet life are actually the same thing, and that although most of us on here have never met, we’re friends in just the same way that we are with the people we actually see on a daily or weekly basis.

Excuse me for getting a bit soppy there folks.

*Pulls himself together*

This is an utterly infectious piece of Jamaican ska that I think Davy H posted shortly before he shut up shop. Listen to this and see if you can keep your feet still. Have a good Friday night.

Ba Ba Boom