Back In The Day

‘Back in the day
Even circles were squares’.

Another lost piece from the Joe Strummer jigsaw, Generations was recorded in a day in 1996 while Joe was in Los Angeles. Having spent some time driving around the surrounding areas in his Cadillac with Shaun Ryder, Bez and Richard Norris, getting hopelessly lost on occasion, Joe was beginning to get back towards a band style scenario. The Mescaleros started to come together not too long afterwards, Joe writing with Richard Norris. England’s Irie, England’s unofficial Euro 96 song led to Joe’s only Top Of The Pops appearance with Black Grape. Joe was on the move. Contacted about a project to put out an album called Generations- A Punk Rock At Human Rights Joe went away inspired to contribute a song and wrote the lyric quickly. It was then recorded in a day in LA with Rat Scabies and Seggs from The Ruts on bass and drums. The producer Jason Rothberg came up with the name Electric Dog House. Joe’s response was along the lines of ‘well we’re not going to come up with anything better today’ so Electric Dog House it was. It’s a funny song with plenty of charm- loose drumming and some organ open it up and then Joe comes in. The mix and echo on the vox make it sound quite chaotic and the instruments pile up towards the end but there’s a good tune inside it, a nice chord change in the chorus and an affecting lyric- ‘let’s go running down the road’ Joe repeats. It’s a shame the three of them didn’t go on to record anything else together.