Apologies- this is a bit late but it’s New Year’s Day and I didn’t think anyone would be too bothered if I didn’t have a post up by 8am. Better late than never.

On January 1st 2010 I published my first ever post which means Bagging Area is four years old today.

By far the most popular/read post here is my Lily Allen post (the one with the picture of her flashing her arse, which shows the power of Google images and an eye catching pic I suppose, cos I can’t imagine 37, 935 people have been looking for her cover version of Straight To Hell with Mick Jones).

A choice of songs for you today depending on the state of your head and hangover. First, The Creation, sharp and noisy 60s mods who wrote several key parts of the textbook…

Making Time

If that’s too much then how about some Steve Reich? Electric Counterpoint III

Happy New Year.

A Good Day

Dirk read this morning’s Lily Allen post and commented that he hoped Lily and Mick Jones’ cover of Straight To Hell was still up. It wasn’t but I’m having a good day so it is now. A Level results have been good and I’ve just opened a letter that says I successfully overturned a parking ticket from UK Parking Control that was looking like it was going to cost us 90 quid. Victory is mine!

*punches air, high fives wife, does little dance*.

Blank Expression

As a part two to the Amy Winehouse ska covers e.p. Lily Allen did a similar thing releasing a Two Tone inspired single (on vinyl obviously). The A-side was a cover of The Specials debut Gangsters (recorded with Terry Hall and Lynval Golding) and this was the B-side, a cover of Blank Expression. It’s a corker.

I didn’t expect when I started Bagging Area that Lily Allen would get three posts. Equally, when checking the statistics for the blog I’ve long been puzzled why the Lily Allen and Mick Jones cover of Straight To Hell is the most visited, most read post here, many thousand ahead of the next most read post. Then I realised it’s probably because of the picture I used. Amazing what a bit of cheek will do isn’t it?

The Stone Roses versus Lily Allen ‘Water Lily’

Recent posts here at Bagging Area on both Lily Allen (with Mick Jones) and The Stone Roses reminded me of this- a mash-up of The Roses’ Waterfall and Lily’s LDN. Loads of bloggers seem to trail mash-ups with ‘I don’t like many of these new-fangled mash-ups, but this one’s good…’ , and I’m not going to stray far from that. This was done by a DJ from Blackburn called Sam Flanagan and works pretty well, depending on how much you like either or both of the mashees involved. I think it’s good although I’m sure some Roses fans will see it as sacrilege, but then many of them have stood through Ian Brown mangling Roses songs at gigs, so what do they know?

water lily.mp3

Lily Allen and Mick Jones ‘Straight To Hell’

I don’t suppose we’ll be posting many tracks by Lily Allen, but this is interesting enough. Mick Jones’ guitars and backing vocals on a cover of The Clash’s 1982 masterpiece Straight To Hell. Lily doesn’t quite have Joe’s vocal depth, to put it mildly, but gives the song a sing-song element which works pretty well.

Straight To Hell (2).mp3