Go Home Productions The Smiths v Destiny’s Child ‘How Soon Is Independence’

I love these little internet coincidences. Earlier today I posted Can’s I Want More, mentioning it’s influence on Johnny Marr writing How Soon Is Now. Idly surfing a while ago I came across this, Go Home Productions mash up of The Smiths’ masterpiece How Soon Is Now and Destiny’s Child’s Independent Woman. These two songs go together far better than you’d expect, in fact the fit is hand in glove. Ha. Incidentally get over to gohomeproductions.co.uk for a whole load of other mash up fun. Mark Vidler, GHP, has been at this for years, most famously producing the ace Sex Pistols v Madonna Ray Of Gob (which I can’t find my mp3 of, can’t believe I deleted it). This one may be his best yet though, a beauty.

how soon is independence.mp3