All The Peacemakers

I heard this out over the weekend, played over a decent sized PA, and it sounded even better than it usually does- what’s more after checking I’m amazed that in the last five years and eight months I’ve been doing this thing I’ve never posted it. Junior Murvin’s Police And Thieves, released in 1977 and produced by Lee Scratch Perry with The Upsetters providing the music, is one of reggae’s truly great tunes. Scratch produced it along with The Heptones’ Party Time and Max Romeo’s War Ina Babylon in a burst of Back Ark inspired creativity. The guitar is lighter than air, the rhythm perfect and Murvin’s falsetto vocal floats over the top while burying its way into your head.

Police And Thieves


Causing An Upset

Some very cool instrumental reggae for Thursday from The Upsetters. Organ led, funky, heading towards Blackpool Wurlitzer style organ in places, The Upsetters 1970 The Good, The Bad and The Upsetters album was disowned by Lee Perry on release. Can’t see why. Nice cover too.

>Sunday Dub

Dub is perfect for Sunday morning. This is Cloak And Dagger by Lee Perry, The Upsetters and Tommy McCook, from the album of the same name. I seem to remember reading somewhere that some people didn’t rate or like this record but I can’t see why. It’s got all the elements of great Lee Perry dub, and is both deeply odd and very chilled.