Monday’s Long Song

At only six minutes forty-three seconds this isn’t an especially long song but it came up on shuffle over the weekend and sounded immense. Released back in 1983 this is Colourbox’s magnificent take on Baby I Love You So, an Augustus Pablo song from 1974 recorded by Jacob Miller, but updated by Martyn and Stephen Young making the most of early 80s technology- it doesn’t sound dated all these years later either, that bassline alone is worth the price of admission. The guitar part is ace, not your standard reggae guitar part, the cymbals splash away and Lorita Grahame’s vocal glides over the top.

Baby I Love You So (12″ Version)

Road Block

Sometimes it’s only proper Jamaican dub from the mid 70s that really fills that hole, that provides the basslines and the rhythms and the s p a c e. And then you realise you must have Augustus Pablo’s melodica snaking around on top. And King Tubby at the controls. And all is good.

Road Block

Road Block was on 1974’s Ital Dub and was written by Bob Marley and Aston Barrett, a version of The Wailers’ Rebel Music. Here’s the whole album for your Saturday morning skank. It won’t help you get much done but you’ll have a good time doing very little while this plays.

Satta Dub

I’ve been listening to King Tubby quite a bit this week. His dub productions are so far out there, space and sound manipulated and played around with but very precise too. His 1976 class King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown, done with another gentle soul Augustus Pablo, is the Tubby album to go for and needs to be listened to as a whole really but this track, the album’s closer, is doing all the right things for me at the moment.

Satta Dub

Augustus Double

This is the Augustus Pablo dub tune, covered by Jah Wobble at The Cinnamon Club on Saturday night- Augustus’ song is dub in excelsis, deep and wide. Jah brought plenty of the dub too, but with a punk sensibility three decades old.

Augustus John pictured for an Augustus double whammy. In August too.

East Of The River Nile

>Sunday Dub


Augustus Pablo, the world’s coolest melodica player, with the title track from the 1977 dub album recorded by Pablo and King Tubby with a top notch cast 0f players- Aston and Carlton Barrett, Robbie Shakespeare, and Earl ‘China’ Smith. The album re-works Baby I Love You So, the Augustus Pablo song Colourbox covered that was featured here a few days ago. Just right to get Sunday off to an easy start.

>Baby I Love You So


I couldn’t let Colourbox go by without posting this, the A-side to the 12″ single with Tuesday’s postee Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse on the flip. Baby I Love You So is a cover of an Augustus Pablo track. This is electronic dub at it’s best- big, swirly sound with swathes of colourful synths, a massive bassline, reverby guitars, samples and vocals from Lorita Grahame. Seven minutes or so of wonder. Play it back to back with Looks Like… for full effect.

02 Baby I Love You So 12_.mp3