Trans Pennine Express

I don’t know when these came out but at some point in the recentish past Justin Robertson remixed krauty-tech types Warm Digits and came up with two slices of Balearic house loveliness that will warm the cockles and make your fingers tap, particularly Trans Pennine Express. And you can’t beat a track called Trans Pennine Express. Free download. Go get.

Train Heave On To Euston

I’m off to that London tomorrow for three days with some colleagues and a bunch of teenagers, which gives me an excuse to post one of my favourite, most evocative Smiths songs. Set on the platform at Manchester, Piccadilly, with the song’s protagonist about to board the train leaving girlfriend and family behind grieving (and jealous), Morrissey up against one of Johnny Marr’s riffiest guitar parts. This version is the Peel Session one. I’ve put something up for tomorrow morning; after that, see you Friday night.

London (Peel Session)

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 32

‘Train I ride sixteen coaches long
Well that long black train carries my baby home’

From Sun Records all the way back in 1953 this is Little Junior Parker and the original version of Mystery Train, co-written by Parker and Sam Phillips. Elvis’ version came out two years later and helped invent modern music. I’m not sure Little Junior Parker’s song is rockabilly, just early rock and roll, but it’s Friday night, it’s sheeting down outside and who’s splitting hairs?

>Meet Iggy Pop And David Bowie

A hat-trick of German related posts, and a train related one too. In 2004 Kraftwerk toured. We saw them at The Apollo and it was stunning, not least the films that played with each song, the light up ties and the robots. This song is one of their best, Trans Europe Express, from the Maximum-Minimum live album that came out the year after the tour. A Kraftwerk live album seems a bit like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it? This song was recorded at the romantic sounding Budapest Sportarena.

>Drug Train

The Cramps rode a totally different kind of train, though it did have a beautiful lux interior. Take care when boarding- ‘you put one foot on, then you put the other foot on, then you put another foot on…’

>Ska Train


Chik-chik, chik-chik.
Everyone on board, pick your seat, the train to skaville.
Chik-chik, chik-chik.

Beep-beep, beep-beep, the train to skaville.

Thanks to Davy H at The Ghost Of Electricity for the prompt.

02 Train to Skaville.wma#1#1

>Cash Train


Arriving at Platform One tonight, in place of our scheduled Friday Night Is Rockabilly track, is the Orange Blossom Special which set off in 1965 and rattles along, whoop-whooping as it goes. I don’t know if it’s folk or country or rock ‘n’ roll or what- it’s just a cracking Johnny Cash song. It also has one of the coolest album covers ever. Get it on vinyl to appreciate it fully.

01 Orange Blossom Special.wma#1#1