Song Of The Summer. Maybe.

I’ve missed this song during the last two weeks. It came up on Soundcloud just before going to France, and I don’t have a download of it to listen to in the car (cos, like, that’s illegal), and I tried to completely ignore the internet while away (fairly easy actually, personally and connection-wise) but I’d been listening to it a lot before going away. Our aging mod hero, grumpy fella, clothes horse and newly found musical chameleon Paul Weller revisits the least popular sound of his career (late period Style Council), marries it with some blissed out Balearic vibes, and comes up with a standalone single, Starlite, released on 12″ vinyl later on this month (I think it’s already out on iTunes). It’s more summery than owt and totally wonderful. Give it a listen-

And if you’re up for that then get over here too-
…where you can download a cracking remix of Starlite by Drop Out Orchestra. Weller at the disco. I’ll type that again. Weller at the disco. There’s also a remix you can download by Deadboy on Soundcloud. I’m sure you can find that yourselves. Style Council, Balearica, remixes, disco- I remember when it were all dadrock round here…