Red Pullover

Clothing in song titles part three: recommended today by C from the wonderful Sun Dried Sparrows. This red pullover would look pretty good with yesterday’s denim jacket, although personally I can’t wear a polo neck- very irritating on the throat.

Red Pullover was a 7″ single by The Gynaecologists, released in 1980 and played by John Peel (and this sounds exactly like what Peel would play). C said she remembered Peel playing it on his radio show, thrity four years ago- isn’t it funny, the things we remember? I can’t find any reference to anything else they recorded and very little info about the band other than the song on Youtube and this on 45Cat. I’d never heard of it before but I’m glad C mentioned it because I really like it even if it’s a little disturbing- rudimentary drum machine on factory setting, some minimal instrumentation and quite haunting spoken vocals in a regional accent, Teeside possibly, in a typed out, folded half sleeve, probably put out in a pretty small run. A long lost, very obscure record. Maybe having made one 7″ single they achieved their ambitions and did nothing again which would be very 1980, post punk in ethos.