Let Freedom Ring

To start the week, at what can be a bit of a miserable time of year, we need something soothing and uplifting. Moodswings were a late 80s duo made up of Grant Showbiz (formerly roadie and guitar tech for the Smiths and Billy Bragg) and James Hood (drummer for the Pretenders and Kid Creole and The Coconuts). Inspired by club culture, sampling and all the rest they made a very of its time album most of which still sound spretty good today although the drums have dated. It’s a datedness I like admittedly. The 1991 single Spiritual High married that Soul II Soul drumbeat, Jon and Vangelis, Martin Luther King and Donna Summer with Chrissie Hynde on vocals.

This dubbed out nine minute version is a delight and a pick-me-up.

Spiritual High (Moodfood megamix)



Listening to Richard Fearless’ new single Gamma Ray put me in mind of a track he put at the end of the Death In Vegas All Back To Mine compilation- Donna by MMM, high quality lysergic techno. And then, lo and behold, I clicked on a link to a Richard Fearless Q&A interview somewhere on the internet and there he was, still praising it and calling it the ‘record he wished he’d made’. Inspired by Donna Summer’s Our Love and crafted by ¬†Erik Wiegand and Michael Fiedler in Berlin. Vorsprung durch technik.


Donna Summer RIP

Surely one of the greatest records ever made.

Ramba Ho!

One for your next compilation cd of weird and wonderful cover versions. This is Indian singer Usha Uthup tackling Donna Summer’s 1977 sex and ecstacy fest I Feel Love. Usha is one of the biggest selling stars of Indian music and has recorded tracks in 16 Indian languages as well as 12 others, including Swahili, Nepalese and Creole. You’ll love this, but it’s a million miles from Donna’s disco epic.


Donna Summer ‘State Of Independence’ 12" version

This came on the mp3 player in the car on the way home and it was almost a religous experience. One of those records for when it’s very late, you’re in a bit of a mess, but need to play something else before you go to bed. Ripped from scratchy vinyl with a very battered sleeve for that authentic end-of-night experience.