What Are We Doing Here?

That was fortuitous- two days ago I posted C.A.R.’s new single Glock’d and yesterday The Asphodells remix appeared on Soundcloud. Ten minutes long with a slo-mo electro-glam stomp, a massive wobbly two note bassline, some 80s atmospherics and a cool vocal on top. There’s a really great guitar riff at around six minutes fifty where the whole thing shifts a bit. I like this a lot- it beats wondering whether that dress is black and blue or gold and white.



This is a gorgeous, hazy little tune from ex-Battant singer Chloe Raunet, now making music as C.A.R. (Creating Acronyms Randomly I read somewhere). Out soon with an Asphodells remix to boot.


Before Timothy J Fairplay was making music as Timothy J Fairplay (and Junior Fairplay and one half of The Asphodells) he was a member of Battant. Led by the striking looks of frontwoman Chloe Raunet, they were about to release their second album when they were hit by the death of member Joel Dever (at the age of just twenty five). Radio Rod is post-punk inspired, driving bass, staccato guitars, jerky and attention grabbing.

Radio Rod