I Don’t Know What You People Do With Your Lives

I’ve said it before but I don’t think that The Charlatans were either second rate Manchester bandwagoneers or Britpop lightweights. They made some records that fitted in with both those moments but many of The Charlatans’ songs sound much better than other bands from the same time. They’ve just got more to them, maybe due to the history of the band.

Forever was the opening song on their 1999 album Us And Us Only. The full length version was released as part of an e.p. and it blows any of your other late 90s guitar bands away. The slow fade in of organ, cymbal and bass, building up the tension. There’s no real chorus to speak of. A slow 60s garage band snarl sustained for seven minutes twenty eight.

Forever (Full Length Version)


Not only did the French Resistance take enormous risks and suffer terrible reprisals while taking the fight to the occupying Nazi forces but they found the time to dress well and look good while doing it.

Underworld did a ton of remixes of other people- Bjork, One Dove, St Etienne all stand out in my mind. This one of Dreadzone takes some beating. At ten minutes long it’s got plenty of highlights… the kick drum at 1.11, the Korg riff repeating throughout, the hi-hat at about 3 minutes, keys after 5 minutes, everything hammering away and building ever upwards, the inevitable breakdown (8.13) and then (at 8.34)… whooooosh, we’re away again.

Zion Youth (Underworld Remix)