Yellow Creatures

I get quite a lot of unsolicited emails offering me bands and artists to listen to and post, and- I’m sure this is a familiar feeling among bloggers- I don’t have the time to listen to all/much of it, some of the emails and descriptions just don’t grab me, and occasionally feel a little guilty about it.

I got an email from Paul, in a post-punk band from Newcastle called Yellow Creatures, and followed the link. This is good stuff- radio static followed by a repetitive and interesting guitar riff, a deep singing voice and some building tension and release. Definitely post-punk inspired but there’s enough originality to keep it from being a photocopy of 1981-  and it’s quite a while since I heard something new from a guitar band that got me anywhere near excited. This song is from an ep out this month called The Year Of Everything and Nothing.

Free Action

That Moon Duo remix album that came out for Record Shop Day is very good- eight remixes and only one that doesn’t really do much for me. I haven’t got the actual vinyl unfortunately- I found this somewhere on the internets. This song, remixed by Tom Furse of The Horrors, is a beaut.

Free Action (Tom Furse Remix)