Last month I wrote about the new single from The Hurt, a Manchester four piece with Rikki Turner at the wheel. Sleeping was co-written with Stephen Evans from Cabbage. When I wrote about them in April I said ‘Sleeping growls and grinds, Rikki’s baritone vocals recalling a northern Nick Cave, hiding his face from the light. Darker Sun is a brooding, bass led thing with overloaded guitars and female vocals, a soundtrack to  a night out under the streetlamps in the rain’. And I’m sticking with that for now. Out now on Blindside Records.


Clean Up Your Messes

Since the invention of the camera phone (how quaint that sounds) everyone is now a photographer and that’s obviously good news which results in some great pictures and the sharing of them. But being a photographer, a professional one, is a special skill that comes down to a bit more than just pointing your iPhone at something funny/beautiful/brilliant and clicking the shutter. Paul Husband is a Mancunian photographer I’m in touch with via social media and very good he is too. On Saturday night he went to a big gig at Victoria Warehouse headlined by Primal Scream with support from Black Grape, Badly Drawn Boy and a whole host of smaller, local bands. I was at my brother’s wedding on Saturday night but Paul went and asked me if I wanted to share some of his photos. I’m more than happy to oblige- this one above of Kermit caught my eye. And so did these…

Reviews of the performance have been good, Black Grape reportedly upstaging Bobby Gillespie’s group. Here, have a song from their debut album with characteristically great Shaun Ryder lyrics.

In The Name Of The Father


There was a one day festival held in the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester last weekend- Cosmosis, a celebration of psychedelia with a line up that had me dithering for a while and then missing out- The Jesus And Mary Chain, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sleaford Mods, Wire and The Raveonettes were the biggest names. Looking back at that I can’t imagine why I dithered. What a fool.

I didn’t go but I was contacted by a man I know virtually, Paul Husband, music fan, Mancunian and photographer. He has supplied me with the photos he took and I’m sharing them with you plus some music for each group. There’s plenty here to dig around in. Have fun. Hassle with passes and bouncers meant Paul missed The Mary Chain. If you’re after a photographer for an event or just want to look at some of his work, it’s here. The selection of pictures below will give you an idea of his talents and a flavour of Cosmosis. I didn’t go. Did I mention that?

Bones Shake- a dirty, scuzzy blues three piece from Manchester. ‘Here to save your soul’ they claim. Quite possibly true too. The song below kicks hard.

Paul’s favourite band of the day were Cabbage, another up and coming Manc band. Satirical neo-post punk according to their Bandcamp page. There’s something going on here. The single Kevin is ever-so-slightly demented but controlled and directed too.

You know about Brian Jonestown Massacre I’m sure, Anton Newcombe’s merry band of psyche travellers, formed in 1988 and tripping out ever since.

What You Isn’t is a feedback driven thump reviving the spirit of ’69. Not Bryan Adams’ ’69, a murkier, more acid version of the end of the hippy dream.

Sleaford Mods- you don’t need me to tell you about Sleaford Mods. The voice of Cameron’s Britain. An authentic response to austerity. Modern laptop punk. Etc. I like ’em. I’m just glad they’re there. I first heard them on one of Andrew Weatherall’s Double Gone Radio shows a few years back, a song with a chorus that included the line ‘rinsing Screamadelica’ which I know I’ve got somewhere digitally but can’t find right now. I’ll have a root around the hard drives.

I’d never heard of Freakout Honey. Manchester based again and they’re certainly photogenic.

The only song I can find is this one, The Witch Surf, which is lovely stuff. Psychgaze surf is their own label and I can’t improve on that. This song sounds better each time I play it. More please.

Last up are The Watchmakers.

Yet another Manchester group- who knew Manchester had so many psychedelic groups? Not me. I seem to be missing out. Watchmakers Bandcamp page has a song called Kiss The Sun. Epic in a small way (that’s a good thing). Reverb. More reverb. More reverb please.

Why didn’t I go to Cosmosis?