Quatre Hero

It’s Sunday evening and here’s 4hero’s 2001 cover version of Minnie Riperton’s Les Fleur, which came to prominence for many people via a Baileys advert or more bizarrely an episode of Top Gear (the sublime soundtracking the ridiculous). 4hero veered from techno to drum and bass before finding a jazzier, breakbeat, Talkin’ Loud sound. This cover version features stunning vocals from Carina Anderson, sticks pretty close to the original, and presses the button labelled ‘epic’.

Sunday Orb

Minnie Riperton’s voice features heavily on this record too, so heavily she got a writing credit for the liberal use of her very well known, multi-octave Lovin’ You. The Orb’s A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld is a definitive slice of 1990 ambient dance dub, and to these ears The Orb’s stuff from this point sounds better and better as each year passes. Someone once wrote that this type of music at this time had a huge sense of possibility, that in the studio (often a bedroom) and on vinyl anything was now possible. As the dance scene fractured and split and people ploughed their own furroughs in the years afterwards that sense of possibility receded a bit. Written and recorded with The KLF’s Jimmy Cauty at Transcentral, this is eight and a bit minutes of open minded, open ended brilliance.

The Flower

I’ve got nothing much to say about Minnie Riperton’s Les Fleur, other than that it is a completely perfect piece of cosmic-soul-pop. It’s utterly lovely.