Money In My Pocket

More 70s reggae today this time from the man Bob Marley called The Crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Brown. Stop Your Fussing And Fighting was a 1979 single, a slice of roots reggae that makes the world stop for a few minutes.

Stop Your Fussing And Fighting

Also in ’79 Dennis appeared on Top Of The Pops with Money In My Pocket, a number 14 hit. It was a song Dennis had originally recorded in 1972 with Joe Gibbs. This newer version, backed with a deejay version of Cool Runnings, made Dennis an international star. He had already toured the UK with Big Youth in ’77 and the following year moved to London, living in Battersea and benefiting from a major label distribution deal. Money In My Pocket has a killer vocal, an uptempo lament at his lack of love.

I Heard It Through The Bassline

The Bagging Area Slits-fest continues with this astonishing piece of live footage from Berlin in 1981, playing Man Next Door- freeform dub live with The Pop Group’s Bruce Smith on drums, Neneh Cherry on backing vox and dancing and Ari, Viv and Tessa in full effect for eight minutes. There really was nothing else like them.

Man Next Door was originally a John Holt hit, based on a Dr Alimantado song, based on a Dennis Brown song.

As an extra I’ve been hammering this recently, their cover version of I Heard It Through The Grapevine (B-side to Typical Girls). It is the best dub-punk cover, bar none, and I have posted it before but it bears repeating. Tessa Pollitt’s bassline is out of this world- as Ari Up sings ‘I heard it through the bassline’

I Heard It Through The Grapevine