Second summer of love vibes from opposite sides of the world- Halifax, West Yorkshire and Brisbane, Australia- and the combined talents of The Orielles and Confidence Man, out last month on Heavenly. The Orielles’ single Bobbi’s Second World came out in 2018, now followed by this remix by Confidence Man. Piano and synth bass building nicely with the Halifax teenager’s yelps and whoops mixed in and out. A highly infectious six minutes encapsulating the fun of dancing outdoors to loud music.


Out Of The Window

While this ridiculously good summer continues to send rays of sunshine all over the place Andrew Weatherall sneaks out a second remix of Aussie duo Confidence Man. It’s got a kind of electro-Kraftwerk-gospel vibe, with a lovely twangy guitar part. It’s perfect for a Friday in July.

If you weren’t tripping when you entered the foyer at the Park House Hotel at Heathrow 1968, you were by the time you got to the check-in desk.


And as chance would have it here’s a new Weatherall remix, fresh on the internet today and a free download too. Bubblegum by Brisbane duo Confidence Man taken on a trip.