Singing Loins

For some reason, in the early 1900s this deep sea diver appeared at Winchester Cathedral. Those deep sea diving suits are both very cool  and very terrifying. Must have been nerve wracking walking along the sea bed in lead boots and huge helmet with an air pipe attached. The cover of the new Singing Loins lp- Here On Earth- has a deep sea diver painted by Billy Childish. Medway folkers The Singing Loins are into their third decade as a band. This is the video for one of the songs off the album, Monsters Ashore, and I rather like it…

Billy Childish, relatively quiet of late, has suddenly released three Spartan Dreggs albums on the same day. You can get them at Damaged Goods. A few years ago Billy and the Singing Loins recorded an excellent album in a kitchen. This is one is one of Billy’s standards redone Singing Loins style.

Pocahontus Was Her Name

I Can’t Love You, I Really Don’t Think That I Can

As a wee follow up to yesterday’s Billy Childish post this is another of Billy’s key songs, re-recorded with Medway folk-punk band The Singing Loins, although this is folk above punk in terms of sound. Sounds like it was recorded in someone’s kitchen. Which it probably was. You can find The Singing Loins website here, with a biography that finishes with these words: ‘Perversely unambitious, they remain untainted, uncorrupted and above all still doing it for the reason they started- love.’

I Don’t Like The Man I Am