The author Robert Harris tweeted last week ‘How foul this referendum is. The most depressing, divisive, duplicitous political event in my lifetime. may there never be another’. Which just about covers it. Nigel Farage has forced a ‘discussion’ into public, a discussion which has unleashed all kinds of racist and xenophobic forces which have at least partly contributed to the murder of MP Jo Cox last week. Farage is a political charlatan, a fraud, a man who basks in a man-in-the-street image despite a wealthy, privileged background. A demagogue who hates the EU yet is paid by it, who represents constituents at the European parliament but rarely goes. A man who poses in front of Nazi inspired posters and complains that the murder of Jo Cox has ‘taken the momentum out of the Leave campaign’. On every and any level, he is a disgrace.

David Cameron has to take the blame here too- despite being the leader of the Remain campaign, he is the one who called this referendum, a cynical response to the rise of Ukip and the defection of Tory votes, a piece of political opportunism that has blown up in his face, shown the cracks in his party and that he’ll pay for politically at some point, win or lose.

Let’s Kiss And Make Up

This is original The Field Mice version covered by St Etienne with their Eurocentric cover art.

A vote to Leave is a backwards step, a vote for a past that doesn’t exist. I can’t see any positives in leaving. Taking back control, taking back sovereignty is a smokescreen- how is leaving the ‘undemocratic’ E.U. increasing democracy in a country which has an unelected second chamber and is a constitutional monarchy? My vote today is to Remain. Let’s stay together.

Enough preaching.


Stay is off Bowie’s Station To Station, sometimes my favourite Bowie album. The choppy guitar part, Carlos Alomar I assume, is wonderful.

And finally Portishead have released this cover of ABA’s SOS, a tribute to Jo Cox.



When you look at the group of people who have coalesced around the Vote Leave campaign- a melange of bigots, regressive Little Englanders, folk who think that they can turn back the clock to ‘how things used to be’, myopic people who think that because we have traffic jams and queues this is because as an island we are full up, and then the general xenophobes and racists (and there are plenty out there who say ‘I’m not racist but…’. Actually, you’re probably are racist.), it becomes increasingly clear what to do on June 23rd. Factor in the joys of political fuckwits like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, George Galloway and Nigel Farage, it would seem that voting Remain is the only sensible and possible option. I keep hearing vox pops on the TV news where the man and woman in the street say ‘stop all the name calling and mud slinging and just give us the facts’ but as far as I can see there aren’t any facts, there are only opinions. No one knows what the impact of leaving the EU will be. It’s all conjecture. So I have to go with my gut, which is that if there’s a union of democratic nations that want to work together to ensure better rights for citizens and may have contributed to a largely peaceful Europe since 1945 (a continent not known for peace before 1945) and which ensures that we can all move about more freely and become more aware of each other’s differences (and our similarities) and then soak up each other’s cultures… then I’m in favour. I have no problem with immigration. I think it’s a good thing.

And it’s given us this absolutely gorgeous love song song from Gruff Rhys.