September Songs

September arrives after a long August bringing with it a change in tone and pace. The first of today’s pair of September songs is Ian McCulloch’s solo single from 1984. Ian wanted to indulge his crooning side away from the Bunnymen and this song, a cover of the 1938 Kurt Weill standard, is decent enough (but in the same year as Ocean Rain it naturally pales a little). The lyrics nail this day and month perfectly-

‘Well, it’s a long, long time
From May to December
But the days grow short
When you reach September’

September Song (Long Version)

Meanwhile a decade earlier Alex Chilton wrote this song for Big Star, less about September maybe and more about a gurl. There is something heart-wrenchingly beautiful about this song- the guitars, the chord change, the vocal. Autumnal perfection.

September Gurls

The Days Grow Short When You Reach September

Don’t they just.

In 1984, with The Bunnymen at the top of their game with Ocean Rain, Ian McCulloch decided to nip off for a solo single, which probably didn’t do much for fragile band relationships. Taking Kurt Weill’s September Song, a crooner’s standard, Ian gave it his best shot. This being the mid 1980s the 12″ had a long version to use up those extra five inches. Backcomb what’s left of your hair, wrap up in something warm (a raincoat maybe or long black woollen coat), take a stroll around some moody landscape and wallow in to Ian’s version of September Song, while contemplating the fact that yesterday’s Model 500 song was released less than a year later.