Two random and unconnected pieces of Twentieth century pop culture for Sunday. The picture is a photograph/mixed media collage by Man Ray from 1941 titled Les Filles des Noix (Nut Girls). Forty five years later came the song below- Carino by T-Coy- a delicious marriage of Mancunian house and Latin music, created by the magic hands and imaginations of Mike Pickering, Richie Close and Simon Topping. It still sounds as fresh as you like. Carino, which has the honour of being the first UK house release and existed as early as 1985 before being released on Pickering’s fledgling Deconstruction label in 1987.


Shadow Of The Sun

Moon Duo , as mentioned yesterday, have a new album out, handily titled to fit in with the solar eclipse. Two fuzz guitar chords, a motorik drumbeat, drone organ, a wigged out guitar solo, flat and nasal vocals. It’s not easy to do something so familiar and still manage to do something so exhilarating with it. This is the song Weatherall played on the radio- seven minutes of your journey to work well spent this morning.



This is good, discovered and shared via two internet friends a few days ago. A lovely bass-led dubby deep house track (with a great acid bleep and whooshes), from Leftside Wobble. Nice vocal too. Listening to it makes me feel young again, despite physical evidence to the contrary.

Ankle Shackles

This eleven minute epic from King Creosote came out in August last year- motorik drumbeat, strings, fiddles, all sorts of stuff and Kenny’s plaintive vocal. It’s a stunner. It came on a vinyl only e.p. limited to just 400 copies. I saw a copy on Saturday and like an idiot didn’t buy it (limited cash and I went for the Jeremy Deller/Optimo’s Voodoo Ray 12 ” and the William Onyeabor album). I will have to return to the record shop. In the meantime…

Ankle Shackles

Saturday Night Live

Mr Justin Robertson in fine form at the Warehouse Party, a short bus ride from here, for all your Saturday night dancing needs.


Pink Skull – Frottage Industry
Panama Disco Lights – The Mood I’m In (Rodion Nero Dub)
Los Pastores – Thank You Porvenir (Luke Solomon Remix)
Prins Thomas – Sat Klae
Nadia Ksaiba – Virtual Lover (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
Remain – Noses, Claudine and Horses
Tarjei Nygard – Hardkokt
Sanfuentes – Heatwave (Acid Dub)
DJs Pareja and Philip Gorbachev – Verish
Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s – Summon The Primitive
Los Mekanikos – Sentimiento
Dense and Pika – Backstage Mute
Shadowdancer – Hydrate (Photonz Remix)
Alejandro Paz – Duro (Diegors Dub)
V.M.R. – Bowie (Eskimo Twins Remix)
Canyon Cosmos – Fear of Plastic (Pilooski Edit)
Cheval Sombre – Couldn’t Do (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix)

When that finishes you can switch straight to this three hour live set by Daniel Avery at The Boiler Room (Avery pointed out on Twitter last night that the comments he received were hilarious- ‘not much of a dj set if there is no mixing or dance music? Got any sick drops?’). Free Soundcloud download here.

Saturday Mash Up

Mark Vidler, in his Go Home Productions guise, proves that a mash up of Shannon’s peerless Let The Music Play and The Stones’ equally peerless Gimme Shelter go together as well as bacon and eggs on a Saturday morning. Jim Morrison turns up at the start to provide the fried tomato (liked by some, loathed by others). Stoned. Immaculate. Fried mushrooms.

Shannon Stone

In The Nursery

I haven’t posted any old-school Andrew Weatherall for some time- at least I don’t think I have, it’s easy to lose track. This is a re-working of a Sabres Of Paradise song by In The Nursery and is lovely- laid back but slightly spooky- and really more modern orchestral music than dance music. It came out on one sided 7″. My copy isn’t in very good condition, too hissy. I keep meaning to replace it.

Haunted Dancehall (Performed By In The Nursery)