Dan from Occultation Records has been in touch with news of reunited ex-Factory band Distractions, who will release their second album The End Of the Pier in August, a mere 32 years after their first album. Makes Dexys look prolific. The press release highlights the challenges of putting a band back together in middle age, with the band members spread around the world.

Mike Finney “I rather like the idea of a world tour but it’d interfere with watching my son’s football practice. Besides taking time off work is a bit tricky, so we’ve had to forego six weeks traversing North America in a bus and settle for two shows in Salford”.

The gigs will be at the end of the summer, supported by Factory Star (Martin Bramah) and 80s indieists The June Brides.

I’ve not got any Distractions on the hard-drive that I haven’t posted before at the moment, so this post’s song is by fellow 80s Factory signings Abecedarians, post-punk from LA.

Smiling Monarchs

As a further distraction the picture shows Lee Miller photographed by Man Ray. I don’t know if anyone’s getting bored of these shots of 20s life but I like them. I may run out soon though.