Given all the goings on with Megaupload and the such it possibly shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve just logged into my Mediafire account and found every mp3 file gone, the last months songs. They’ve wiped the lot, including the files for the posts for tomorrow and Wednesday. Anyone else affected by this? Is it worth re-upping them? Switch filehost? Give up? Go legit?
Answers on a postcard…


I’m Inside Free Enterprise

The DMCA don’t knock off for Christmas do they? My Kurt Vile and Hollie Cook posts have both been hit.

In the Trafford Centre today (very, very busy), in HMV (also very, very busy) with daughter ET looking for the Jessie J album and, Lord help us, the One Direction single (both for her I hasten to add) this Public Image Ltd song came on and it sounded like a) the best song in the world at that particular moment and b) a witty and appropriate comment on the madness of the post-Christmas sales.

This Is Not A Love Song

Picture is inaccurate- Wobble had left by this point.

Lights Out

I’ve returned from a short holiday to find two posts attacked- a DMCA notice and removal for Friendly Ghost by Harlem and the Manics track removed from my Mediafire folder (possibly by Ctel from Acid Ted), so I’m not posting artist’s names and song titles as post headings any more, in a cunning bid to foil the DMCA search engine.

Whilst visiting mid-Wales we found out several things. It’s very lovely. When it rains, it rains heavily. Aberdovey has a nice beach. Aberystwyth is a great little town, and has many things to do though possibly not 1001. Machynlleth is a funny but great little place, half Welsh speaking, half hippy, left-field community, and is unpronouncable with an English accent. But it does have a record fair, which caused E.T., 7 years old, to say ‘here we go again’ when I pointed out the signs proclaiming ‘Record Fair Here Today’ and whooped. Results- the first Scott Walker solo album, 1967 pressing, good nick, £3.99, and the soundtrack to the mucky 70s film Emmanuelle, £3.00. Thought it was worth a shot. Ahem.

I listened to Scott last night, havn’t heard it for years since I borrowed it from a friend on cd, and it sent me back to this 1966 Walker Brothers B-side, After The Lights Go Out. A wonderful piece of dramatic 60s pop, with some great lyrical touches that plant it firmly in reality. Cracking song.

Walker Brothers – After The Lights G.mp3

Missing File

This is strange, and I guess it means I’m about to get a DMCA notice. The White Stripes Black Jack Davey link and file have been removed and deleted from my Mediafire page. Seems Jack’s cover of a traditional song, released as a b-side nine years ago, can’t be shared. Ah well.

DMCA Nonsense 2

This is good, a well timed piece of news- on Paul Haig Day, I’ve just had a post removed by the DMCA. The The ‘Dogs of Lust’ was the offending track. When I re-posted David Holmes last time without the links they removed the entire article again. Don’t think I can be arsed re-posting it this time.

DMCA Nonsense

The DMCA have removed my David Holmes posts again despite me re-posting them without the links to the songs. So what they’re saying this time is, I can’t post text about David Holmes or pictures of him either. Is Holmes so important that only qualified journalists can publish articles about him?