Kill City

In total contrast to yesterday’s Appalachian ghostliness here’s a raucous, sex-infused noise. Kill City were an electro-rock band who released a mini-album in 2004 called White Boy Brown Girl, on Alan McGee’s short-lived Poptones label. McGee’s mate Andrew Innes remixes them in early 00s Primal Scream style. Big drums, white noise, heavy riffs, female vox, lyrics about inter-racial shagging. You know what this is going to sound like don’t you?

White Boy Brown Girl (Andrew Innes Remix)

Another song on the lp was titled Cease To Exist- which was the opening line in Pixies’ song Wave Of Mutilation (borrowed from Charles Manson/Beach Boys), which took inspiration from Luis Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou film. Luis Bunuel was photographed in the late 20s by Man Ray. Of course he was. Everyone who was anyone was.