This is good, discovered and shared via two internet friends a few days ago. A lovely bass-led dubby deep house track (with a great acid bleep and whooshes), from Leftside Wobble. Nice vocal too. Listening to it makes me feel young again, despite physical evidence to the contrary.


Nine surrealist artists about to head out for a night on the town in 1930. On the back row-Man Ray, Jean Arp, Yves Tungay and Andre Breton. At the front Tristan Tzara, Salvador Dali, Paul Eluard, Max Ernst and Rene Clevel. After a pleasant afternoon in a gallery, with some snarky criticism of some of the art, and a couple of quiet pints sitting on the pavement with the newspapers watching girls go by and thinking up new manifestos, things will turn sour. Salvador will get the hump and stomp off, following passive-aggressive messages from the wife. He only returns after a sub-group of surrealists cajole him back with promises of absinthe. After watching the evening match everyone is pissed off that Real Madrid won which puts a downer on it all. Then there is an argument over who pays what at the restaurant and someone is sick in a gutter and they are shouted at by the restaurant owner who threatens to call the gendarmerie. No one owns up but Man Ray’s shoes are splattered with muck. Much later, following a spilled drink in another bar, Yves Tungay has to hold Breton back who is snarling and spoiling for a fight with a sailor on leave; ‘leave him Andre, he’s not worth it (and he’s bigger than you)’. A disagreement about nightclubbing- some of the men just want to go to a bar with a dj but Tzara knows the doorman at a club and reckons he can get everyone in- two for one on drinks as well. They end up in the bar, where the girls are much younger than them and not really interested in a bunch of very drunk, balding surrealists whose suit and tie combos are looking a bit out of place. Plus, the dj is playing vapid happy house. Two taxis are needed to get home, causing further disgruntlement for the men waiting for the second cab, which inevitably is late.

The Wolfgang Press were 4AD’s ‘we are not goths’ band. They were definitely doomy and erred on the darker side of things but also moved towards the dancefloor as time went on, creating some fine records in the process even if they’re not the kind of thing I want to listen to all the time.


I’m off to work today to see how far the government have instructed the exam boards to play politics with GCSE grades and young peoples’ lives.

B Is For Beta

Listening to Steve Mason’s recent solo album has led me back to The Beta Band. They were real one offs- maybe the only reason their second and third albums aren’t given their dues is because they set their standards so high early on with the three e.p.s, later anthologised imaginatively as The Three E.P.s.

I drove to Leeds Irish Centre to see them play at some point in the late 90s, on a school night as well. We’d got free entry by claiming to be reviewing the gig for a Manchester music/arts magazine or something on those lines. It was hotter than hot inside- the sort of heat where you can feel beads of sweat running down the inside of your arm and the small of your back. This made moving difficult. And I was driving, so couldn’t attack the heat with beer. Carl from Cud stood at the bar, his time long gone. The Beta Band were out of this world that night, versions of spooky trauma song Dr Baker and the trippy Needles In Your Eyes sticking in the memory for ages afterwards. And Dry The Rain of course.

Dry The Rain

Horror Show

Nope, I don’t know what’s going on with Salvador Dali’s trousers either (particularly the crotch area) although Gala seems to have got it going on. Tight trousered enthusiasts The Horrors have set a load of remixers loose on their 2011 album Skying, most of them doing exactly what remixers should. The digital release came out this week- two Weatherall mixes (the previously released remix of Wild Eyed and a new bleepy one of Moving Further Away). Other equally good highlights are present from Daniel Avery, Peaking Lights, Andy Blake and Blanck Mass (one half of Olympians Fuck Buttons). All well worth downloading from Beatport or somewhere similar. You can listen below.

The Higher physical boxset comes out in March- four pieces of vinyl, two cds,a dvd and one previously worn winklepicker. With a price tag of fifty quid. Which is, y’know, quite a lot of money.

Four Boy One Girl Action (And Man Ray)

That’s a heading which may bring some disappointed traffic this way. Four Boy One Girl Action were an early 90s acid-house supergroup (of sorts) who put out a 12″ single in 1993. The Hawaiian Death Stomp was released on David Holmes’ Exploding Plastic Inevitable, the four boys being Holmes, Kris Needs, and Gary Burns and Jagz Kooner moonlighting from Sabres Of Paradise. It’s long, it’s ‘progressive’, it’ll bugger your speakers if you play it very loud. This is the B-side.

The Hawaiian Death Dub

Today’s Man Ray is Salvador Dali. You didn’t need me to tell you that.