Friday the 13th- I trust none of you put any store in superstition (it’s bad luck to do so I think). Death In Vegas’ breakthrough album The Contino Sessions has several good collaborations on it, Dot Allison and Iggy Pop standing out. I loved this record at the time but can’t help but feel some of it sounds a little dated now. I think with this type of record it’s the beats that date- until a time comes around that those drum programs become fashionable again. This song has vocals from Jim Reid, on Mary Chain hiatus, doing a fine line in self-loathing over a bunch of noise.

Broken Little Sister



Following a tip off by the RiG contributors this a rather splendid, slow and funky electronic reworking of Bill Callahan’s America by JD Twitch. Gets a bit messy in places. Free download from the I’m A Cliche people in Paris. Bob’s your uncle.

Dog Years

I’m not fully sold on the latest Fuck Buttons album yet- they set very high standards with the previous one- but it’s early days. I need to live with it a bit longer- the thing is, their music is not stuff you can ignore and I have to be in the right mood for their full on, electronic, wigout, melodic-noise assault.

Year Of The Dog

Space Scribble

A few months back Italian cosmic disco duo DJ Rocca and Daniele Baldelli released a remix e.p. of songs from their Podalirius album. The lead off was a suitably sumptuous spaced out job from our friend Andrew Weatherall. His remix of Complotto Geometrico is a beaut and together with that one of Speed of Dark by Emeliani Torrini and the indie-dance epic for Jagwar Ma make up a lovely summer 2013 remix triptych. But the Weatherall  one was only one of three- the Prins Thomas remix of Space Scribble is also very, very good. If you’re familiar with Prins Thomas’s subtle, elegant, minimal disco stylings, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.

Space Scribble (Prins Thomas Remix)

Where Did You Go?

There were slim pickings in Britpop if you were looking for good music. Too many derivative sing songs that were effective but not really much cop. I’ve always had a soft spot for this though- Slight Return by The Bluetones. The Rickenbacker guitars sound cool, all jangle with the right amount of fuzz, the vocals are good and the song just floats. It does seem to be a re-write of ‘lost’ Stone Roses song Where Angels Play, but it’s a good re-write.

Slight Return