Rosarita is from a brand new ep from Pareese, straight outta Stockholm. A dreamy, moody way to ease into Sunday. Kettle on.

The Night Before You Came

Last July I posted the video for a dance track by Paresse and remixed by Craig Bratley, a proper belter with sci-fi techy-synths and hissy drums. Then I went on holiday and forgot all about it.

Last night this one turned up, a different version with a huge disco bassline, three fingered synth riff to the fore, massive electronic tom toms and chopped up vocals.

King Dubby

I got back from London last night, everyone safely delivered home. While I was down south the north nearly blew away and the rest of my family bunkered in and were warned by the TV not to leave the house unless absolutely ‘essential’.

This appeared on the internet yesterday and while I apologise for delivering you yet more Andrew Weatherall stuff this remix for San Francisco’s Group Rhoda is a splendid piece of digital dub (done under Weatherall and Timothy Fairplay’s Asphodells umbrella). What a lovely way to start Saturday and a half term holiday. A commenter at Soundcloud disagrees though- ‘it is tiring’ he/she says, ‘the drums are stiff too much and gave me headache. I do not like it at all!’ Each to their own. Find it here.